Inwood was started from scratch in 1984.  It was a half acre field with a few seedling birch and sycamore as well as a young oak tree.   As there were no boundary fences island beds were carved out of the lawns and small, inexpensive shrubs and trees were planted.  As they expanded the beds were increased to accommodate the extra growth.

By 1992 the rhododendron collection had reached 50 and space was becoming a problem so a further half an acre was purchased.  This land was covered in trees, some around 50 or 60 years old and some others much younger.  Around 300 were removed to make way for wide, grassy paths that were easy to mow and for a few new specimens to be planted such as Pinus Wallichiana, Cedrus Atlantica and Taxodium distichum.  This woodland garden is at its best in late spring when the scented Loderi rhododendrons provide the background for choice plants such as smilacena racemosa, trilliums and lilies.

A large number of half hardy perennials such as dahlias, cannas and begonias as well as exotics such as ensetes, colocasias and abutilons help make up a large pot display for the summer months.  This colour is continued in the greenhouses with streptcarpus and double flowered begonias providing a long season of interest.

The centrepiece of the garden is a fine specimen Cornus contraversa variagata which was planted in 1985 as a foot long whip.  It is now over 20 feet tall and is a delight at every season.  

Recently more old trees mainly spruce and fir have had to be removed in the woodland to allow more light and air to circulate and this has altered the character of the garden making it more a garden of one space rather than two separate areas.  

Lindsay and Irvine do the gardening themselves – there is no hired help.

History of the Garden