About Inwood Garden

From small beginnings and many mistakes the garden now gives us (and many of our visitors judging by their comments in the Visitors Book) a lot of pleasure. Throughout the season there is lots to see.

In spring the woodland is a delight with snowdrops, wood anemones,rhododendrons, azaleas, trilliums, dactylorhizas, meconopsis and primroses while the bog garden begins to explode with the foliage of rodgersias, ferns and Himalayan lilies.

Around 2000 tulips are planted every autumn to add zing to the beds which are mainly green with the expanding foliage of summer perennials.  The tulips are colour themed to harmonise or contrast with other tulips or with certain shrubs or leaves and are a popular feature with visitors from mid April to mid May.

Summer brings rambling roses and clematis clambering over swags and chains, herbaceous perennials in abundance and pots overflowing with colourful favourites. Hydrangeas take centre stage in late summer with late perennials and the small front garden is packed full of exotics, some rarely seen in Scotland, such as Musa Basjoo and Ensete ventricosum Maurelii. Canna lilies, hedychiums and dark leaved dahlias add splashes of hot colour and Arundo donax and Tetrapanax papyfera  give lush foliage effects.

By autumn the scene is quieter but small surprises still await you. Colchicums and Tricyrtis put in an appearance along with the colourful leaf tints on deciduous trees and shrubs before the weather closes in and the garden shuts up shop for another year. Begonia, streptocarpus collections feature in the wide variety of show plants grown in the greenhouses and conservatory for the local flower shows.

The pond is home to the family pets - frogs and newts and provides a delightful spot to sit and watch the reflections of the trees and sky.

Inwood was on the Beechgrove Garden TV programme and has appeared in several magazine articles. In 2005 Inwood became a Partner Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society allowing members free access throughout the season.